Our Portfolio

Please take a minute to view some of our most recent and memorable projects that we have worked on. This displays a wide variety of looks and feels that we were able to achieve. If you would like us to design a website for you click here to contact us now.


Golden Stone Pavers Logo Redesign Picture

Golden Stone Pavers Logo Redesign

The client approached us about recreating their website from scratch and along with this they wanted a redesigned logo that was more appealing. They wanted to keep the brick elements to the left of the logo but gave us freedom in every other area. The color scheme was chosen as they are earth tones and fit the line of work that the client is involved in.

CalBay Protective Services Logo Recreation Picture

CalBay Protective Services Logo Recreation

CalBay Protective Services came to us with the need for a new website and a digital version of their logo. They only had a few pieces of of letterhead left and due to problems with their previous designer they never received the digital versions of their logo. We were able to scan in, manipulate and recreate their logo for use on their website and on all of their business stationary.

Harvest Intern Business Card Picture

Harvest Intern Business Card

Harvest Church came to us to create "edgy" business cards for their new internship program. They had a set theme that they wanted to follow with the fence and logo but relied on us to create a die (shape of the card) and layout the card so that it was both attractive and informative.

Extreme Generation Business Card Picture

Extreme Generation Business Card

Harvest Church came to us to create youthful and eye catching business card for their your department. They hoped that these cards would attract young peoples eyes and make them give at least a second thought about joining the youth department of the church.

Harvest Church Marketing Scheme Picture

Harvest Church Marketing Scheme

Harvest Church has always been very active in all forms of multimedia. They have had us create television commercials, cards to hand out advertising the church, weekly bulletins displaying what is going on in the church, greeting cards to send to visitors encouraging them to return, and water bottles that are sold at church events.