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Please take a minute to view some of our most recent and memorable projects that we have worked on. This displays a wide variety of looks and feels that we were able to achieve. If you would like us to design a website for you click here to contact us now.


Arata Pumpkin Farm Picture

Arata Pumpkin Farm

Arata Pumpkin Farm wanted a website that would allow their visitors to access the information fast in a convenient way, while still maintaining a relevant design that fits a pumpkin farm. This concept was created so that all of the information about the farm would be no more than two clicks away from where the visitor currently is. It also utilizes very harvest related colors to give the visitor the feel that they are on a farm website without it looking like a amateur design.

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Textmunication Website Picture

Textmunication Website

Textmunication had a preset logo and design scheme but a thrown together website that did not match any of this and that had little relevant content. The design was guided by the logo and colors that previously existed and the content was completely rewritten.

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Odyssey Pizzeria Picture

Odyssey Pizzeria

Odyssey Pizzeria had no graphics or logos except a hand drawn billboard that had pictures taken of it for their marketing material. The owners wanted to have a website that would be able to display their entire menu online while at the same time feel like a traditional pizzeria. This design incorporates colors that are related with pizza and is laid out for easy access to the companies menu.

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Medical Insights Vector Control Picture

Medical Insights Vector Control

Medical Insights Vector Control (MIVC) is a subsidiary of Medical Insights Diagnostic Center (MIDxC) but has different purposes and thus needs a different website. MIVC provides mosquito control devices to villages in Ghana, Africa at low cost in an effort to reduce the malaria problem. It is for this reason that the website uses the same layout but has colors and emblems that reflect the mission of the company.

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Catwalk Modelling Picture

Catwalk Modelling

Catwalk Modeling is an online modelling agency that wants to use tools like social networking to allow models to meet clients through their service. It is for this reason that the design is laid out in such a way to make it easy to sign up and start getting matched with employers. All they wanted was the user interface design and they are using internal programers to create the functionality of the website.

Currently Under Construction

Medical Insights Diagnostics Center Picture

Medical Insights Diagnostics Center

Medical Insights Diagnostics Center (MIDxC) wanted a design that varied from the usual blue that is indicative of the medical industry. They also wanted to incorporate photographs of exams, frequently asked questions and an office tour to ease the nerves of potential patients that may be using the center for their diagnostics needs.

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Market and Wine Store Picture

Market and Wine Store

Market and Wine is a company that sells wine at local farmers markets around the San Francisco Bay Area in California. We developed a website that used a lot of earth tones and wine visuals to give a feeling that you may actually be on the winery. As far as functionality, they wanted a website that was extremely simple to use but had eCommerce functionality so we built them a custom shopping cart that would make it simple for anyone to purchase wine and still credit the proper farmers market with the sale.

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Harvest Church - Concord, CA Picture

Harvest Church - Concord, CA

Harvest Church contacted us to build a new and innovative website that captures the essence of the church as being trendy and forward thinking. We came up with this design because it is both expandable, contrary to their old design, and cutting-edge. We also added many features to the design that they wanted to be able to use like a blog and flash applications.

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Golden Stone Pavers and Landscaping Picture

Golden Stone Pavers and Landscaping

This is a paver stone and landscaping company based out of Concord, CA. They wanted a website that would be up to date but still reflect the personality of the business that they are in. They also wanted to be able to display their TV commercial on the website as well as many examples of their work. PHP, Javascript and CSS are the scripts used in the creating of this website. Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash are the programs used to create the graphics and technologies.

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Hogan Media and Music Picture

Hogan Media and Music

Hogan Media and Music is an advertising and music licensing company. Some of their clients include American Idol and other various merchants. They are responsible for developing advertising campaigns and music licensing for companies. They wanted a website that would look and feel "Hollywood" with a lot of movement and film reels.

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CalBay Protective Services Picture

CalBay Protective Services

CalBay Protective Services is a Protection firm based out of San Francisco, CA. They have protected a wide variety of clients from construction sites to high profile clients, including the President of the United States in conjunction with the secret service. PHP, JavaScript and CSS are the scripts used to create their website. Photoshop and Dreamweaver are the programs used in the creation process.

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Second Sight Video and Multimedia Picture

Second Sight Video and Multimedia

Second Sight Video and Multimedia is a company that produces video commercials for small businesses and gets them air time on local cable networks. They wanted a website that involved their logo with movement, that would allow them to advertise themselves on the Internet. They also wanted the functionality of a "Demo Reel" of previous projects.

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